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BA (Hons) 3D Design - Product Designer
UCAS codes: W241

Product Design at Plymouth is human centred and socially responsible
We have an exceptional record of winning design competitions, like the prestigious Royal Society of Arts Student Awards.

Social tandem bicycle inspired by slow design
Social tandem bike inspired by Slow Design, by Lawrence Dawes now working at LEGO

Energy Saving Concrete Mixer
Durable vaneless mixing drum exploiting the Archimedes screw principle for super efficient mixing

Drumless washing machine saves ironing

Award-winning Drumless Washing Machine saves 20 days of ironing a year, by Oliver Blackwell Design

Nestable Cocktail Trolleys
The concave sides mean that these trolleys can be creatively linked together (Emma is now studying postgraduate design).

BBQ cutlery set based on a giant packet of matchesFloating cutlery always visible in the washing up bowlWind up eco radio in rubber casing for easy recyclingCommunicator watch CAD illustration'Chuck us the salt' dispenser like bean bagsLuggage product designFlowerpot radio - Do flowers grow better with music?

"3D Design: Product Design is professionally accredited by the Chartered Society of Designers."

"Our tutors have held significant positions in major design consultancies including IDEO and Tangerine."

BA (Hons) 3D Design: Product Designer
is traditionally about making products that are useable, useful and desirable.
If you want to turn your ideas into real products, to create delightful and rewarding experiences, then being a Product Designer may be your ideal career.
At Plymouth, we have also been developing Product Design in a number of new spin-off themes - into business as a tool for strategic development,
into technology as a tool for creating new experiences, and into social enterprise as a tool to generate responsible business ideas.

Product Design deals with ...
... the tangible experience of seeing, desiring, obtaining, and using a product, ultimately defining the consumer's emotional connection to the object.
Designers are creative and analytical, and have the power to lead the next generation of how things look, function and feel desirable.
We look for new opportunities for innovation, design excellence, brand and visual identity.
And we have fun doing it!

Product Design creates:
USEFUL products providing a benefit or solving a need.
USEABLE products that are intuitive to use.
DELIGHTFUL and rewarding experiences.
All 3D Designers are taught in a vibrant open studio, and are encouraged to tea work across all 3 years and disciplins.

Becoming a Product Designer
Our graduates are working at major consultancies, as in-house designers like Dyson and LEGO, in teaching, and in postgraduate research.
We established unique methodologies to help you identify opportunities for innovative ideas, play with aesthetics, functions and visual identities.
There is an option to go on work experience for companies like Zoeftig and Ben Wilson Design, and on funded international exchange.
You develop skills with us that help you stand out from the crowd, and be more employable.

"Successful products today needs to be more than just good design; it should also arouse emotion."

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Contact Roy Tam, Admissions Tutor BA 3D Design, School of Art Design & Architecture, Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth, 214 Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth PL4 8AA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1752 585 170

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