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The Symposium 2013

The Exhibition 2011

Tutors of the school of 3D Design invite you to join them to the private view of their installations, sculptures, objects and print, with video narration.

Exhibit: Steam Twisted Oak Structure
Inspired by bird skeletons in the museum, Roy Tam explores this efficient structure
which re-interpretates traditional steam bending, but without needing any bending jigs.
It can be a bench or components of a fence.

The Conference

Cabinet: Connection and Collection

Design Knowledge Research Group with Plymouth Museum
Tuesday 17th May 2011

Key speakers from a range of practice-based and academic backgrounds include:

Glen Adamson: Victorian and Albert Museum
Lucy Bullivant: Architect and Curator
Peter Higgins: Architect and Designer 'Land Design'
Neil Leach: Architectural and Cultural Critic
Matt Hunter: Design Council

This event, hosted by the University of Plymouth, will detail notions of heritage, place-making, museum and university connections. Call for papers. This conference will follow several of these themes and will give current focus to the following:

How would government funding be used to encourage museums to seek out more self-supporting governance models, and build the skills, leadership and confidence that will enable them to succeed as economically sustainable parts of the cultural economy?

How can museums see themselves primarily as open spaces for sharing learning where the public, rather than passively observe, can meet, participate and converse - and where after the visit, the conversation continues through the use of digital technology?

What scholarship and expertise levels can be embedded in some institutions and shared better and gaps identified. How can the sharing of access to all publicly supported databases work?

How can museums work and collaborate with, partners who bring the most public benefit, including commercial, social and educational organisations?

The conference seeks diverse responses from a broad range of disciplines. Conference will run in conjunction with an Exhibition at the Peninsula Arts Gallery featuring the work of twelve architects and designers and their responses to Plymouth City Museum and Archives. The conference proceedings will be published. Conference publication will come afterward and selected authors will be asked for a commitment to deliver a book chapter within 90 days of their return home from the conference. This book will allow people to expand and improve their papers with new insights and ideas based on the conference conversation. The publication will be guest edited and published by Imprint Academic.

Call for papers

The Conference 2009

All Our Futures 2 - Sustainable Design Conference
The Centre for Sustainable Futures
University of Plymouth
15-17 Sep 2009

3D Design's Prof Roberto Fraquelli and Pete Davies will present the opening keynote

Other keynote speakers:
Michelle Adams
Martin Charter
John Elkington
Alastair Fuad-Luke
Marie Harder
Victoria Hurth
Bob Johansen
Beto Lopez
Sara Parkin
Sophie Thomas
David Wheeler

Designers from the University of Plymouth, supported by CSF and SWDP, organised a conference in September for business leaders, health, education leaders and those interested in the challenges of the 21st century, sustainability. The conference was about how design can help in creating new ideas around sustainability, which touches business, law, education, philosophy, culture, well-being and enterprise. These elements roughly encompass concerns about who we should be, how we should live, how we can innovate, and how we should, can, contribute to the challenges facing the world. The conference was challenging as international reknowned forecasters allowed us a glimpse into the future, Bob Johansen, John Elkington and David Wheeler, focused on how Design can play a leading role in the world. Inspiring speaking from international designers Beto Lopez from IDEO, Sophie Thomas and Professor Roberto Fraquelli showed us how design can practically apply itself to sustainability. Many others bought a wealth of experience, ideas, thoughts and made the conference a brilliant three days.

Design Research at the School of 3D Design: Design Knowledge

Design Knowledge promotes the progressive practice of applied design, the application of design thinking and the multidisciplinary diversity of design innovation.
The design team have a very committed approach to activities and research, with leading practitioners and researchers in the professional and academic fields such as:

- Sustainability, working with the university's Centre of Sustainable Futures
- Ideas methodology
- Incubation, mentoring, industrial laison and sponsorship
- Developing design education and studio culture
- Digital design and rapid prototyping
- Professional practise in production ceramics, metal and woodwork
- Sound drawing sculptures

Team members have a keen interest in technical innovation as well as more traditional approaches to the manufacture of artefacts.

Roberto Fraquelli

Roberto is focusing on a number of initiatives linking empathic design and sustainability. He is currently running innovation workshops
working alongside eco-author Edwin Datchefski from Bio-thinking, Line Leurentop for Insight Culture with companies such as TESCO and BAA.
He is also researching into sustainable hemp resins and their impact on domestic furniture and lifestyle products.
Outputs for Roberto Fraquelli 2001-2007 (including RAE 63 Art and Design):
(for further details please visit

01 Retail Interactive System for PRADA
02 Microgen for BG Group
03 Audience Tool Kit for the BBC
04 Bellagio for LG
05 Working Lunch for Steelcase
06 STV Spyfish for H2EYE
07 Innovation Centre for P&G
08 Workshops for SWRDA - EU
09 Published Paper, Salone del Mobile (Milan)
10 Published Paper, Jordan Design Centre
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Pete Davis

Pete is currently writing and researching on several design related books and television programmes.
He is the one of the university's centre fellow's for sustainability issues and is interested in cirrulcum change within the design department.
Pete is also looking at the possibilities of generating new materials for use within the faculty and elsewhere from sustainable sources.
He is concluding a PHD that at its core deals with notions of experience, place and the manufacture of artefacts.
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Roy Tam

Roy is a designer, engineer and innovator, with 9 years of consultancy experience and 12 years of business experience. His furniture follows low impact production, using under-utilised timber from local woodlands. He is a UK representative for the international sustainability network O2,
He has been funded by Leader+ for a feasibility study on a Centre of Sustainable Design in Timber with the aims of incubation by apprenticeships, which is still an on-going ambition.
He was selected to present papers at the Making Futures II Conference and at the Design Museum to the '20th Century Furniture Research Group'.
His teaching research includes 'cross year peer learning' and 'learning by professional practice' exposing students to gain experience in the real world.
His technical research includes energy saving designs and designs for the community.
His professional practice as a designer maker continues with commissions from clients like the Natural History Museum, King's Fund and the NHS.
He is an external examiner for MMU and Camberwell, a business mentor for Arts Matrix, a competitions judge and curator.
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sound drawings

Polly Macpherson

Professional practice in production ceramics and research into Sound Drawings using 3D Rapid Prototyping.
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We welcome links to other institutions and industry and are in the process of creating a conversation link to this page.

Visiting speakers include:

Kenneth Grange
A personal journey in Design

Yuri Suzuki
Sound and Design

Carl Silvester
Making and Designing

Sebastian Conran
Enhancing the Experience of Life

Sebastian Cox
Design Practice

Tavs Jorgensen Digital Manufacturing / Open Source

Peter Randall-Page + Jolyn Brewis
A Collaboration between Art and Architecture
Randall-Page (internationally renowned sculptor) and Brewis's (Partner of Grimshaw Associates) close working relationship at The Eden Project resulted in a huge granite sculpture 'Seed'.
Seed was carved with a complex, pattern based upon the geometric and mathematical principles which underlie plant growth.
The sculpture was not only a fitting centre piece for the building but was a crucial part of it and reflects the architectural design's reliance on nature.

Alastair Fuad-Luke
Sustainable design facilitator, lecturer, writer & maker
Founder of SLow and author of The Eco Design Handbook, Alastair has a global perspective on best practice eco-design and Design for Sustainability. He is an itinerant sustainable design lecturer, writer and designer-maker delivering lectures, workshops and talks in UK and overseas.

James Woudhuysen
James helps clients to master new trends in society and innovation, so as to implement major shifts in corporate strategy, marketing, branding and design. He frequently broadcasts about the future of the workplace on Radio 4’s You and Yours, and writes a regular column for IT Week (London) and Novo (Frankfurt). He is also on the editorial boards of New Design and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Tavs Jorgensen
Digital Craftmenship
Tavs arrived in Britain in 1991 to work at Dartington Pottery after completing a four-year pottery apprenticeship in native Denmark. He then went on to study 3D ceramic design in Cardiff and has since been running his own design consultancy working as an independent designer, researcher and teacher. He guest lectures at international universities and colleges, teaches at the Royal College of Art and is a research fellow in the design cluster Autonomatic at University College Falmouth.

Bill Tingey
Inspired by Japan - Climate, Culture, Lifestyle
A resient in Japan for many years, Bill is a professional photographer with an interest in crafts, and have brought many top Japanese craftsmen to meet their counterparts in the UK. Bill talks about life in Japan related to climate and culture and his experience of them. He covers gardens, architecture both traditional and modern, traditional vernacular and modern vernacular architecture and the build environment, some discussion of the language and writing, craft and materials. His making interests are the use of bamboo and lacquer.

Nick Kary
Sustainable Makers
Nick has worked in the furniture world for the last 18 years. Prior to his he has been a furniture designer and manufacturer producing cast aluminium products for the Conran shop and for export. He has a strong interest in the question of Sustainability, and is on the committee of Sustainable Makers a Totnes based group looking at the future of Craft in a time of energy descent. View his lecture here (.wmv file).

David Littlefield
Architectural journalist David Littlefield explores design & the interpretation of spaces through the poetic experience. David is also and expert, and has written extensively about the digital realm of Architecture including ergonomics.

Ernie Bakker
Ernie is a Designer Maker producing furniture and ceramics. Since graduating from Plymouth with a 1st class degree, he has been designing furniture to commission and exhibited in many shows including the London Design Festival, has had and internship with Rotterdam based industrial designer Richard Hutten and is now currently working with Dorset based Designer Maker Asaf Tolkovksy.

Oliver Blackwell
After graduating from Plymouth in 2005 Oliver has set up his own design consultancy and has continued to develop a variety of exciting designs, including DIY products and his award winning Wash-Dry-Iron drumless washing machine. He was awarded The Ideal Home Show, Designer of the Year in 2006. Oliver is an ambassador for Enterprising Young Brits.

Claire Beard
Claire describes herself as a 'designer with a passion for process'. Her designs evolve from her desire to make the built environment more responsive to the physical and psychological needs of its users. She feels that every design should encompass the character of the area to which it is situated, as well as an insight into the history of the buildings that went before it, fusing design with its environment. Her process encompasses a diversity of subjects from psychology, science, music, history and materials. Creating design that is socially aware, thought provoking and innovative. She works as a designer at an SP Architects in Bristol.

Karoline Newman
Head of Articulate Communications Karoline is a specialist in PR for designers and design-led companies, with current clients like Design Singapore, Pedini Kitchens, Ideal Home Show and New Designers. With her experience to promote graduates at New Designers, she is well placed to inspire students choices of final year projects, so as to create the most impact for their chosen career.

Dr Katie Bunnel
Dr Katie Bunnell is Cluster leader of Autonomatic research team, based at University College Falmouth, that explores the use of digital manufacturing technologies in the creative process of designing and making three dimensional objects. She has an MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art and completed a PhD project, Re:Presenting Making, The Integration of New Technologies into Ceramic Designer-Maker Practice, in 1998.

Shaun Murray
Digital Practice
Shaun Murray is a Lecturer and Researcher working with the Arts Science Technology. He is developing the Centre for Creative Design and Technology, a transdisciplinary teaching and research Centre for innovative manufacturing and visualisation. Shaun Murray’s work, as published in his book 'Disturbing Territories', is intended to allow the possibility of collaborative practice, and become a digitally networked creative enterprise.

Steve Brown
Steve’s work mediates a dialogue between two-dimensional printmaking and the physical/formal concerns of working with applied art materials. With a background of 14 years as a commercial screen printer for the textile industry he returned to education in 1999 in pursuit of applying printing skills and experience to physical materials, wood, metal, concrete with a determination to extend the relationship between the printed image and form. Focusing on ceramics for in his first degree and exploring both ceramics and glass whilst studying for an MA at the Royal College of Art he then spent 2 years teaching and disseminating an approach to combining image and form on the undergraduate Applied Arts course at Hertfordshire University.

Andrea Stemmer
Reviving Crafts
Trained at John Makepeace's Parnham Trust, Andrea Stemmer's furniture for SCP and top corporate commissions. She uses primarily sustainable hardwoods and her products are mindfully constructed and finished to the highest quality in her workshop in Hackney.

Andrew Trotman
Combining a background in structural engineering and a passion for working with wood, Andrew Trotman established TimberWright in 2004 to design and make bespoke structures and furniture with a fresh approach to their form and function. The designs explore structured and geometric forms, which interpret the landscape; and express characteristics of balance, stress, light and texture.

Lucy Turner
Lucy specialises in re-inventing tired pieces of furniture. Each piece is transformed with the clever use of laser cut laminate. The contrast of the coloured laminate with the wood accentuates the form and highlights the unusual features that are sometimes lost. She works from her own shop called Higher Market Studio in Cornwall.

Robert Phillips
Rob is a Product Designer using design as an instigator to create new forms of behaviour. His projects have involved James's Tea, with Arts Council England, research projects for Nokia, as well as independently led projects both individually and with the designer group Batch. Rob's main design interests are in the field of user-centered design.

Emma Savage
Emma works as an Architectural Assistant, working in the Planning and Design department of a Timber Frame company in Redruth, Cornwall. She has been involved in a variety of schemes including designing an extension to a barn.

Jonathan Wright
Tandem Studio is an innovative design company creating complete environments which are well designed, enjoyable to use and environmentally conscious. Tandem offers a comprehensive service from the design and project management of interior and architectural commissions through to the design of furniture and fittings. We believe strongly in creative and practical solutions that maximize the potential of interior and exterior spaces and in adding value through good and sustainable design.

Tim Andrews
Ceramicists & Potter
Tim Andrews has gained an International reputation for his distinctive smoke-fired and raku ceramics. He makes individual Raku work. Black and White with linear decoration or burnished muted coloured slips. His pieces have been acquired for both public and private collections and are exhibited widely across the UK and abroad. He is a Fellow of the C.P.A and a full member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and a Member of the West Country Potters Association.

Jay Townsend Bakebean Design
Award winning contemporary interiors products Bakebean designs award winning contemporary interiors products in a variety of materials, specialising in ceramics and furniture. Established in 2000 the company strives to produce affordable thought provoking pieces using UK based manufacturers.

Brigit Hegarty
Set designer and Art Director. Brigit initially trained as a product designer and brings creativity and imagination into commissions. She understands the marketing requirements of client and brief and is able to incorporate this within a creative context. Brigit previously worked in the film and television industry as well as having had nationwide public sculpture commissions and installations.

Andrew Tinnion
Andrew presented an illustrated talk to promote the use of Real Sheepskin as a locally available sustainable material for use in domestic products.

Innovative, sustainable, steam bending furniture, lighting and commissions.

Lauren Moriarty
Textile & Product designer
Lauren set up her design practice with a focus on producing visually stimulating and tactile products for interiors. Her product range has received much attention to date, being features in many national and international design and lifestyle magazines and short listed for a number of prestigious awards.

Simon Moore
For 25 years Simon Moore has been designing and making glass objects of world-renowned quality. Fascinated by the history of glass and strongly influenced by English and Venetian manufacturing techniques, Simon Moore has taught glass and ceramic techniques at the Royal College of Art. At the same time he developed a collection of glass pieces in his own workshop in London. In 1999 he was appointed Artistic Director at SALVIATI. In June 2003 he decided to return to the very beginnings of his creative training; starting as a potter when he was just fifteen.

Robert Kilvington
Robert Kilvington has worked internationally for private, corporate, public and manufacturing clients. His work includes commissioned furniture, limited editions and designs for manufacturers. He is experienced in developing furniture and large-scale sculpture for the public sector, working closely with the client and the design team to create appropriate and integrated solutions. He was shortlisted for The Jerwood Prize For Applied Arts 1999: Furniture, and the 1999 FX Int. Interior Design Awards: Best product for public spaces.

Lee Kew-Moss
Ex-senior designer for JAM Design now set up his own design company Leek, a multi-disciplinary design company that specialises in the creation of engaging three dimensionsl designs for commercial interiors, exhibtions and furniture.

Janet Stoyle
Janet Stoyel is the founder of the Cloth Clinic an innovative textile business. The Cloth Clinic designs and creates futuristic and revolutionary textiles, materials and products for architectural, interior, exhibition and fashion applications.

Geoff Mann
‘Digital technologies need not be seen in opposition to the physical world. Rather, digital technologies can be integrated with physical objects to create new types of dynamic materials that react and respond to the world around them. And these new materials, just like more traditional materials, can serve as the basis for new types of craft activities'.

Taslim Martin
Taslim Martin lives in London, and works to commission. Martin was a carpenter for thirteen years before entering art school as a mature student at Cardiff Institute 92/95 and the Royal College of Art 96/98. He is now producing furniture & sculptures for various councils/housing associations.

Contact Prof Roberto Fraquelli, School of Architecture & Design, Faculty of Arts, University of Plymouth, Roland Levinsky Building, Plymouth PL4 8AA, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1752 585 170

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