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Design exhibitions:

100% DESIGN: Contemporary furniture & interiors products at Earls Court.

DESIGNJUNCTION: Probably UK's most interesting new furniture, lighting and products.

TENT LONDON: Young, constantly evolving, always thought provoking.

DUTCH DESIGN WEEK: Up-to-the-minute, interactive, designing as they exhibit.

[RE]DESIGN: For designers who don't want to make landfill.

DESIGNER's BLOCK: Refreshing leading edge young designers.

ECO DESIGN FAIR: Exhibits at the Eco Design Fair.

SUPER NORMAL: Blog of exhibition at Twenty Twenty One.


SHIN AZUMI: Refreshing Japanese product designer.

BLACK+BLUM: Innovative design with charm and entertainment.

C H BECKSVOORT: A logical follow on to the Shakers, and equally meticulous.

FUTURE FACTORIES: Using rapid prototyping for production.

IQ LIGHT: 3D origami modular light.

SCANDINAVIAN DESIGN: A database scandinavian designers.

TRIBU-DESIGN: A history of modern design classics.

TIM PARSONS: Designer maker, writer and lecturer.

Design websites:

DESIGNBOOM: Industrial design today, courses, education, history, shop, interviews, snapshots, competitions.

DESIGN SPOTTER: Web magazine dedicated to young modern contemporary design, offering free publicity to new designers.

TREE HUGGER: US web magazine dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible.

S L O W D E S I G N: Take your time and slow down.

DEXIGNER: Keep up to date with international designers' work.

JAPAN DESIGN NET: Really keep up to date with the world's new designs.

FURNITURE LINK: Canada's e-journal for contemporary furniture and sustainable SMEs.

Design marketplace:

CALE ASSOCIATES: Scandinavian and swedish design shop in the UK.

MODUS: Contemporary furniture designed by a selection of leading designers.

PROFORM: Contemporary design emporium. Shop till you drop.

RETRO MODERN: Dot com design shopping.

UNTO THIS LAST: Digital designer maker specialising in CNC machining.

VIVAVI: Life, style, planet.

PLI DESIGN: Contemporary furniture from renewable and eco-friendly materials.

ECO ARTWARE: Gifts from recycled, reused or natural materials.

Sustainable design:

INSTITUTE FOR SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS RESEARCH: Leading new initiative on sustainability at Plymouth Uni.

GREENER BY DESIGN: Unique green corporate consultant Edwin Datschefsk's well balanced view's on sustainable design.

O2: International network for sustainable design.

RE-F-USE: Cross out the F, and it becomes reUse.

REESTORE: Contemporary furniture made solely from discarded items rather than raw materials.

RECYCLE NOW: What can you recycle where?

HOW GREEN IS YOUR MDF?: Your choices for 2006.

ZERO FOOTPRINT: Content hub linking people towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Design magazines:


Design bodies:

HIDDEN ART: Discover new designers' work.

CRAFTS COUNCIL: The UK's Crafts Council (including Collect & Select top craft fairs).

DESIGN COUNCIL: the UK's strategic body for design.

IDSA: Industrial Designers Society of Amercia.

DESIGN NATION: Work by some of Britain's most talented designers, including link to the Design Trust.

GEFFRYE MUSEUM: Walk through time at one of London's most friendly and enjoyable museums.

HELEN HAMLYN: Research center based at the RCA pioneering inclusive design.

PENINSULA ARTS: University of Plymouth's own art gallery.

Eco buildings:

AECB: The association of Environment Conscious Building design and eco material sourcing.

GREEN BUILDING PRESS: 3 unbiased publications: Building for a Future Magazine, Green Building Bible, and GreenPro product directory.

SHIGERR URBAN ARCHITECTS: Amazing cardboard tube architecture structures.

TIMBERBUILD: Promoting sustainable use of local timber in buildings.

WOOD AWARDS: Winners and competition entry for good designs in wood.

Visiting lecturers:

SHIN AZUMI: Refreshing Japanese product designer.

ANDREA STEMMER: Furniture designer maker.

ALASTAIR FAUD-LUKE: Author of the Eco-Design Handbook and vice president of Slow Lab.

LAUREN MORIARTY: Textile and product designer focusing on tactile surfaces.

OLIVER BLACKWELL: Product designer.

EDWIN DATSCHEFSK: Sustainable consultant and author of The Total Beauty of Sustainable Products.

ROBERT KILVINGTON: Award winning furniture designer maker and sculptor.

CLOTH CLINIC: Makers of unique decorative materials using Photon Laser and Ultrasound.

LUCY TURNER: Furniture designer maker.

GILDA WESTERMANN: Fine white porcelain.

LEE KEW-MOSS: Multi-disciplinary 3D designer for commercial spaces.

ASAF TOLKOVSKY: Furniture designer maker.

TAVS JORGENSEN: Freelance ceramics designer and RCA lecturer specialising in digital design and rapid prototyping.

GEOFFREY MANN: Product Artist and RCA graduate currently working in Milan.

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